Happy “Bring Your Son or Daughter to Work Day”

Father and son working on computer

National “Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day” is quickly approaching. In 2022, we celebrate the holiday on Thursday, April 28th, and in a post-pandemic world, things might look a bit different this year. If you are back in an office setting, I encourage you to participate in this tradition as it always seems to lighten the office energy a bit.

If, however, you’re like us here at NuVoodoo and work from home, chances are your son or daughter already visits your office quite frequently. Popping in on zoom calls, lurking in the background, asking for snacks, throwing the occasional fit. My new ‘officemates’ are much different than they were a couple of years ago. Back then, it was a far rarer occasion that a coworker would shout out “I have to go pee,” and run to the restroom like they had waited just a little too long for such a proclamation.

Personally, as someone who began remote working in 2020, I have been around my kids more than ever, and they have been exposed to my work in ways they never were before. They overhear calls both internal and client-related, watch me constantly type away in front of a computer screen, and witness any work-related stress or concern firsthand, in real-time.

All of this got me wondering: What exactly do my kids think I do for work? Have my kids been able to piece together what my job is by absorbing my daily interactions?

So, I asked them.

And I also asked all other NuVoodoo employees with kids to do the same. The answers were a mixed bag, sometimes accurate, but always entertaining.

Because you’re a recipient of this newsletter, you likely know that we’re a team of researchers, marketers, and purveyors of various digital solutions (websites, SEO, conferencing solutions, etc.) and one of the main industries we serve is media, specifically radio.

The “older” kids of the staff seemed to have at least some grasp of this with answers that included:

“You do marketing that revolves around radio and stuff.” – Willa Age 14

And a less confident response from Graham age 12 was: “Telemarketing. That’s your job, right? No. Stop. Don’t write that.”

Gyton, said of his mom Meghan’s work: “You work on a radio station hosting multiple ads and help people work on specific design projects.” Who’d have thought my new elevator pitch would come from a 9-year-old but here we are.

9-year-old Lucas said of his Mom Debbie’s job simply: “Radio stuff.” Pretty accurate.

Amrita is formally our VP of Data Management and Administration, but according to Zach, her 4-year-old, her job is to “type numbers and get on a LOT of calls.” Important stuff.

My own 8-year-old daughter Cece said, “You work with electricity.” Which was a bit shocking. (Pun 100% intended; I am a dad after all.) She added: “And if you see ads when you’re watching YouTube, you can blame my dad.” #nailedit.

Sonny, age 3, didn’t much care about my work in business development and only responded: “When you’re done, can you play sports with me?”

Finally, Aven’s answer to the question really shows just how observant kids can be, even at the precious age of 7. She said of her mom Meghan’s job as a project manager in the marketing department: “I think you type everything and help people with ads, and you’re overwhelmed.”

No matter what you do for work, I’d encourage you to take a second on this unique holiday and see how your kids, of whatever age, describe your work. The answers may surprise, and/or entertain you.

Happy “Bring Your Son or Daughter to Work Day!”