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NuVoodoo's 2018 Social/Digital Playbook for Ratings Success

In this free webinar for the radio industry, we'll review new data from NuVoodoo's latest

Ratings Prospects Study conducted in February 2018, including: 


  • What game-changing opportunities do smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home bring to the radio industry? 
  • What digital channels do likely ratings respondents use most and most often? 
  • Top Paid Digital Best Practices
  • Social media use by demo, by format and TSL level. 
  • What instant messenger app has exploded among all demos in 2018? 
  • How to market to your competitors’ Instagram and Twitter followers, plus to others who look like them from a data standpoint.



How to Win the Workplace War With PPM Panelists & Diary Keepers

In this free webinar, we covered:


  • How workplace listening differs for likely ratings participants.
  • Radio’s true competition at work. HINT: it's not other radio stations.
  • Contest tactics and prizes that move the needle.
  • Where do listeners notice radio station advertising? Is it outdoor, direct mail, telemarketing or digital?
  • The best ways to package a cash giveaway.
  • What one mistake do radio stations make when capturing personal data?
  • Preferred appointment times & contest entry methods.

Check out the video below: