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What Candidates Can Learn From Brands

By PJ Kling / September 20, 2022

While it’s true that now, more than ever, the election cycle is never-ending, there actually is an election coming up in less than two months, which has candidates and causes looking for more and more ways to cut through. Typically, when someone talks about “their brand,” my eyes roll back far enough into my head…

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4 Reasons to Invest in Digital Marketing in a Recession

By PJ Kling / July 26, 2022

By some measures, the US economy is already in a recession. By others, it’s all but a forgone conclusion that we’ll be entering one in the coming weeks. Ultimately, the economy is cyclical, and recessions happen regularly over time. For many companies, the knee-jerk reaction is to tighten purse strings, buckle down, and wait it…

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Are You Too Busy to Be Creative?

By PJ Kling / May 23, 2022

We see this all the time when talking to clients. You’re short-staffed and mentally fried. But, you’ve got a marketing budget and need creative ways to promote yourself or your products. I know…NuVoodoo has a bunch of clients, how about we just tell you what to do and that should work, right? Yes and no.…

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Podcast: All Access Interviews NuVoodoo President/CEO Carolyn Gilbert

By PJ Kling / September 20, 2018

Backstage at the 2018 Worldwide Radio Summit, Carolyn Gilbert of NuVoodoo Media Services talks about how radio research has evolved over time and what it means for the future of the industry.

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Phil Becker Has a Shot at a $50k Marketing Budget!

By PJ Kling / October 31, 2017

  Congratulations to Phil Becker, our Grand Prize Finalist in NuVoodoo’s $50,000 Marketing Campaign Contest! Becker, Vice President of Content at Alpha Media, was randomly selected by Million Dollar Media from over one hundred entries we received. We wish him the best of luck as he goes for his shot at a $50,000 NuVoodoo Marketing Campaign,…

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What are the Best Appointment Times When Targeting At-Work Listening?

By PJ Kling / May 3, 2017

Days of the week and broad dayparts are talked about often when referring to contesting. But what specific times of the day work best? Plus, which has more upside: Residential or At-Work Telemarketing? Wait…telemarketing? Does anyone even answer their phone anymore? Yes! Particularly when discussing those likely to participate in your ratings. Mike O’Connor, EVP/Marketing, and…

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