NuVodooo's Webinar Series

New Moneyball-for-Radio Data – Website & Mobile Tracking + New Ad Tech for a Cookie-free Future

July 31, 2023

Ratings Prospect Study XXII data collected in early July measures consumers’ sensitivity to digital tracking. Privacy matters, but likely Ratings Prospects are less prone to opt out of location & activity tracking and more willing to accept website “cookies.”

The Purchase Funnel for Women – Teens, Young Adults & the Money Demo

July 26, 2023

Which walled garden platform is most efficient at moving users through the purchase funnel, from creating brand awareness to delivering transactions? New study data, resulting from interviews with well over 1,200 women 14 – 54 nationwide.

New Data Meta’s New Threads Makes Significant Impact on Social Media Landscape In Just a Few Days

July 24, 2023

In this edition of Moneyball for Radio, we look at social media platform use on a weekly, daily and compulsive basis. We’ll also share the behavior we’ve captured from likely ratings respondents in Ratings Prospect Study XXII

Colorful paper funnels

The Purchase Funnel: Walled Gardens vs Programmatic Mobile, Audio, Web & OTT

July 23, 2023

We stack rank the walled garden platforms, like YouTube and Facebook, against other traditional and digital advertising channels like direct mail, outdoor, mobile apps, and OTT. Which are most effective at driving awareness, consideration, and purchases?

The most effective platform for advertisers: TikTok vs. Meta vs. Alphabet vs. Twitter

July 19, 2023

New study data just released. 2500+ respondents weigh in on which of the so-called Walled Garden platforms is most effective for advertisers. On which are users making purchases after seeing ads. Is it Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, or something else?

Moneyball 4 Radio Research Hacks w/Carolyn Gilbert & Leigh Jacobs

July 12, 2023

Our research team shares tips and tricks for increasing your station’s average quarter-hour rating by a tenth of a point or more.

Moneyball for Radio – Ask Us Anything

June 28, 2023

In this session, we answer commonly asked questions about the data we’ve collected about likely radio ratings participants — from “How much cash must be offered to move the needle?” to whether “local” radio content matters.

Moneyball for Radio – AI Voices & Top Tune Out Catalysts

June 21, 2023

From Ratings Prospects Study XXII, we focus on programming blocking and tackling. Simple things you can do to optimize tune-in and eliminate tune-outs. Plus, does the audience think radio already uses mostly AI voice bots?