NuVodooo's Webinar Series

NuVoodoo’s Inflation Impact Study (Part 2)

February 1, 2023

Consumers are now facing the fastest growing food price increases in four decades In PART 2 of our five-part series, our focus is on the top food and beverage trends of 2022. We fielded this research for the Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Food industries to help our partners better understand inflation’s impact on consumer…

NuVoodoo Inflation Impact Study for the Food & Beverage Industry (Part 1)

January 29, 2023

Between COVID shutdowns, supply chain disruptions, and the insidious impact of inflation on consumer spending, no industry has had it rougher than the Retail Food and Consumer Packaged Goods industries. Part 1 of our five-part video series reviews data from NuVodoo’s Inflation Impact Quantitative Study of nearly two thousand 18+ shoppers nationwide.

Six Things Listeners Love About Podcasts (And Four That Make Them Crazy!)

January 25, 2023

We surveyed hundreds of previous attendees of @podcastmovement and registrants for Podcast Movement 2022 to find out what was important to learn from listeners, then did qualitative one-on-one interviews with regular podcast listeners and a nationwide survey of podcast listeners. This is what we discovered.

Our New Survey Data Shows Why Facebook Just Made Radical Changes to the App User Experience

January 21, 2023

Facebook’s parent company Meta predicted that Apple’s ad tracking changes would cost the company $10 billion in ad revenue this year. Facebook spent years building the world’s biggest social platform. But personal data, which was once considered its biggest asset, has become a liability amid privacy crackdowns. It’s a little over a year since Apple…

Ratings Prospects Study XX Webinar. The Research Silver Bullet You Need to Slay the ‘Wearable’ Wolf

January 16, 2023

NuVoodoo’s Ratings Prospects Study XX was our largest yet! Over 5,000 screened and compensated respondents, including one thousand past, current, and likely future panelists, participated in this, our 20th semi-annual radio listening study. We’ve modeled our respondent recruiting in parallel to how a ratings company places meters, right down to the type of wearable selected:…

New Data: Beyond the Spam Bots, Who’s Really Using Twitter? How It Compares to Other Social Apps.

January 12, 2023

Twitter has sued billionaire Elon Musk in an effort to force him to follow through with his deal to buy the social media company. So how big is the audience, really? At issue: BOTS because they can give a false impression about how many real people actually use Twitter. So how do Twitter users compare…

This Is the New Nielsen Wearable That 1,000+ Ratings Prospects Selected by a 2:1 Margin Over Others

January 10, 2023

Webinar Sneak Peak: In this video we’ll project which one device most a plurality of panelists will choose when Nielsen places wearable people meters into their homes. NuVoodoo’s Ratings Prospects Study XX is our largest yet! Over 5,000 screened and compensated respondents, including one thousand past, current, and likely future panelists, participated in this, our…

Introducing NuVoodoo Online Music Test EXT – 200 to 300 Repoondents Rating 600 Songs

January 5, 2023

NuVoodoo’s OMT – EXT delivers better quality results at no additional expense and with the same turnaround time compared to traditional OMT. –Test 600 Songs –200 to 300 Total Sample –100 Respondents or More Behind Each Hook –All Participants Answer Perceptual Questions Resulting in Much Larger Samples –Respondents Rate Fewer Total Songs. They Get IN…