NuVodooo's Webinar Series

New Data: Beyond the Spam Bots, Who’s Really Using Twitter? How It Compares to Other Social Apps.

January 12, 2023

Twitter has sued billionaire Elon Musk in an effort to force him to follow through with his deal to buy the social media company. So how big is the audience, really? At issue: BOTS because they can give a false impression about how many real people actually use Twitter. So how do Twitter users compare…

This Is the New Nielsen Wearable That 1,000+ Ratings Prospects Selected by a 2:1 Margin Over Others

January 10, 2023

Webinar Sneak Peak: In this video we’ll project which one device most a plurality of panelists will choose when Nielsen places wearable people meters into their homes. NuVoodoo’s Ratings Prospects Study XX is our largest yet! Over 5,000 screened and compensated respondents, including one thousand past, current, and likely future panelists, participated in this, our…

Introducing NuVoodoo Online Music Test EXT – 200 to 300 Repoondents Rating 600 Songs

January 5, 2023

NuVoodoo’s OMT – EXT delivers better quality results at no additional expense and with the same turnaround time compared to traditional OMT. –Test 600 Songs –200 to 300 Total Sample –100 Respondents or More Behind Each Hook –All Participants Answer Perceptual Questions Resulting in Much Larger Samples –Respondents Rate Fewer Total Songs. They Get IN…

New Data – Snapchat Pins Ad Slow Down 100% on External Forces. But Our Data Suggests Something Else

January 2, 2023

In a surprise note to employees in late May, Snapchat issued another warning about how the company is falling victim to a challenging business environment. SNAP said things had gotten even worse in the thirty days since reporting disappointing earnings in April when it had revised its full-year revenue forecast lower. Now, while there are…

Top 5 RADIO Contest Takeaways for 2022 – #1 The Game is Played and Won OUTSIDE THE HOME

December 23, 2022

Radio contests work because they motivate the same people who are enticed by the cash that Nielsen hands out for participating in the ratings. But HOW and WHERE RPS “Yes” ratings participants spend their day matters, especially during weekday prime. This has a major impact on the ratings performance of your cash Cash Giveaway. And…

Top Five Takeaways in 2022 – #2 $1000 is the New $500 as Prize Inflation Impacts Radio Contest

December 20, 2022

We learned in previous studies that,YES, likely ratings-respondents really DO shop around for which station is giving away the most money. So, how much do you really need to pony up to compete successfully for time spent listening to boost a station’s ratings? Watch the video to see the data.

Most Radio Ratings Respondents Think Your Contest is BS – Top 5 Contests Findings #3

December 15, 2022

That a majority of listeners (who are likely to participate in the ratings) think radio contests are rigged is not news. We’ve been beating that drum for half a decade. But what is new for 2022 is data about what you can do about it. It’s our 3rd most important takeaway about radio contests in…

Advertising Radio Contests Drives Panelists to Tune-In – Even If They Don’t Intend to Participate

December 10, 2022

We’re counting down the Top 5 most important takeaways about radio contests to get you ready for the Nielsen wearable people-meter era. All five videos will be available at Here’s finding number four.