A Matter of Trust: NuVoodoo Ratings Prospect Study Reveals That 49% of Likely PPM Participants Believe Most Radio Station Contests are Rigged

Over Half of Likely PPM Participants 18-44 Believe Radio Contests are Rigged


CINCINNATI, OH, September 19, 2016NuVoodoo Media Services, a data-driven media marketing, programming and content intelligence provider, announces that its recent NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study of over 3,500 subjects revealed that 49% of likely PPM participants believe most radio station contests are rigged – and over half among 18-44 year olds.



Among likely PPM participants who think that most radio station contests are rigged, some are aware that stations are trying to extract more listening, while even more complain about their inability to contact the station. A lack of transparency also comes into play, with groups complaining they don’t see or hear the prize drawings or they have suspicions most of the prizes aren’t actually given away.



Leigh Jacobs, Executive Vice President, Research Analysis, NuVoodoo Media Services observes: “Our findings point to a need for greater transparency in radio contests. While these issues are less important to the large numbers of listeners who are not susceptible to contests, they are very important to the smaller group whose listening stations want to influence.”


Mike O’Connor, Executive Vice President, Marketing, NuVoodoo Media Services said: “We know that only about 5% of radio listeners care about contests, but the number goes up tenfold among likely ratings respondents. Yet half that group thinks the game is rigged. When Nielsen runs compliance contests for PPM participants, they announce the results in monthly newsletters – offering proof that rewards offered are real and attainable. Radio needs to follow the ratings company playbook and put the spotlight on winners!”


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