NuVoodoo Introduces NuVoodoo Consumer Insights for Radio Sales; Releases New Radio Sales Research Findings for RAB

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Consumers say they are trying to get back to life – but are looking for ways to feel safe while doing it

CINCINNATI, OH, August 19, 2020NuVoodoo Media Services, a data-driven media marketing, programming and content intelligence provider, announces that it has launched NuVoodoo Consumer Insights, a sales-driven research product where NuVoodoo’s experienced research operations team collects local samples quickly in markets of all sizes to help get meetings and close deals with prospective advertisers. NuVoodoo Consumer Insights is designed using specifications that fit the station’s sales goals, with findings delivered in a custom dashboard with presentation-ready results. The research is fast, relevant and affordable, with barter options available.

As part of the Radio Advertising Bureau’s ongoing Open for Business webinar series, NuVoodoo presented new research last week solidly focused on radio sales efforts, fueled by consumer insights gathered in daily interviews conducted to keep track of coronavirus concerns. Those interviews numbered close to 2,000 per day nationwide.  NuVoodoo asked consumers questions covering a variety of current topics, from COVID impact to purchase intent. In addition, NuVoodoo had the RAB ask its membership to respond to a quick interview prepared by NuVoodoo. In all, 259 radio sales professionals responded, revealing, among other things, that they regularly deal with clients and prospects who tell them “no one listens to the radio anymore” – despite evidence to the contrary from Nielsen and many other sources.

The sample of RAB members told NuVoodoo about the tools they need; at the top of that list: awareness and perceptions of local businesses, research about local consumers, and how people feel about going to businesses. NuVoodoo’s data from thousands of people just this month says they are trying to get back to life – but are looking for ways to feel safe while doing it. 

And safety concerns ranked high among copy points and positioning that would pay dividends in commercials.

Leigh Jacobs, EVP, Research Analysis, NuVoodoo Media Services, noted: “It’s clear from the information we gathered from radio sales professionals and the information we gathered from consumers that nothing is normal right now. Information gathered prior to the pandemic might as well have been gathered in 1919. Between piggybacking on our daily national interviews and doing quick custom projects in local markets, NuVoodoo has a lot of ways to help close the information gaps for sales.”

As a demonstration for the RAB webinar participants, NuVoodoo fielded 400 respondents 18-54 in Chicago over the August 8-9 weekend. They found that nearly 70% recalled recent radio ads for Dunkin Donuts. Among those recalling the ads, most were left with a positive opinion of the brand from the ads and 19% of the sample reported that they’re more likely to purchase from Dunkin Donuts based on hearing the ads on the radio.

Carolyn Gilbert, President and Chief Executive Officer, NuVoodoo Media Services, commented: “While we can’t show any of the specific research we’ve done this year for local sales departments, we collect samples quickly to help local sales teams get meetings and close deals. Our research ops team sets up the output in a custom dashboard with presentation-ready results: as the sample fills up, you can literally copy and paste charts from the dashboard,” adding, “It’s all to specifications that fit your goals and comes with NuVoodoo’s reputation for research excellence and strict adherence to data integrity. NuVoodoo Consumer Insights is a highly effective local sales tool whose time has come.”

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