NuVoodoo’s January 2021 Ongoing National Study Sheds Light On Americans’ Concerns Over Political Violence in the U.S. – and What They Want to Hear From Their Radio Station About This Issue

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  • 51% of Respondents Say They Only Want to Hear Relevant Facts From Radio – and No Opinions – About Political Protests and Riots
  • 67% Say They Are Concerned About Democracy in America
  • 60% Believe That President-Elect Joe Biden Won the Election
  • 55% Reveal That Are Afraid of Violence From Recent Protests

CINCINNATI, OH, January 19, 2021 – NuVoodoo Media Services, a data-driven media marketing, programming and content intelligence provider, announces that its ongoing national study conducted online January 8-18, 2021, among persons 16-54 reveals an overwhelming concern among Americans over political violence in the U.S.; particularly, the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and ongoing threats of violence, and a need for vocal community support from local media.

67% of respondents expressed that they are concerned about democracy in America, and 60% believe that President-Elect Joe Biden won the election. 55% say they are afraid of violence associated with protests.

42% of respondents shared that they have a positive impression of media outlets or companies that explicitly denounce the Capitol protestors and the elected officials that support them, while another 42% say that they have a positive impression of media outlets or companies that issue statements against Trump or election protestors. As it pertains to recent events at the U.S. Capitol, 65% of respondents say they are strongly against the riots and/or violent protests, while 23% strongly support peaceful protests.

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In addition, 51% of respondents reported that they only want to hear relevant facts from their radio stations and no opinions about recent political protests and riots. 49% say they want radio to share ways to keep community members safe, and 43% say they want their radio stations to have conversations with listeners and community leaders about what is going on in their community.

Carolyn Gilbert, President, NuVoodoo Media Services, commented: “Post-election and pre-Inauguration, the results of our January 2021 ongoing national study are clear: Americans are deeply concerned over the insurrection at the Capitol and the continued threats of violence in the current environment of civil unrest. We condemn violence on all fronts and firmly support the rule of law. NuVoodoo aims to provide actionable data to support our industry during a time of disturbing turmoil in our nation.” 

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