NuVoodoo helps you grow your audience to positively impact Nielsen share and rank, particularly at the expense of market competitors, by giving priority to the types of potential viewers most likely to say yes to Nielsen.  

Our extensive expertise as both a research and marketing provider to the media industry means your dollars are maximized across the marketing channels and zip codes that matter most from a ratings standpoint. 

NuVoodoo combines direct mail and multi-screen, multi-platform digital tactics to make the most efficient use of your budget based on NuVoodoo’s extensive research into the digital behavior of survey-friendly TV viewers. All targeting and channel selections result from our ongoing studies into what makes Nielsen LPM participants and diary keepers different from ordinary viewers who would never participate in the ratings.

Video & Display Advertising on the Facebook Ecosystem

Desktop Newsfeed, Mobile Newsfeed, Instagram, and Facebook Audience Network

The Google Ecosystem

Google Display Network for desktop/laptop, tablet, and smartphone

YouTube Video


Promoted Web Card and video  targeting fans and followers of local broadcast stations and key personalities

Display and Video Ad Exchanges

Digital marketplaces which aggregate display inventory across thousands of websites, mobile sites and apps