Data-Driven Marketing: Steroids for Great Programming

“With the help of NuVoodoo and our teams’ amazing creative, Live 95.5 (KBFF) has hit some of our largest ratings in years. While many stations have great promotions and creative, it is valueless if nobody sees it. Thanks to NuVoodoo we know our current fans are exposed to us more often and we also know listeners of our competition are shown there is a better option.” — Phil Becker, Alpha Media

Steroids are useless to the athlete who fails to eat right or train hard. They simply won’t help win the race. The same holds true for a station competing for ratings. No amount of marketing “juice” will overcome programming that doesn’t stand up to the competition. But NuVoodoo client Phil Becker and his team at LIVE 95.5 Portland made sure their station was in tip-top shape before stepping into the arena to play the Nielsen game. From music and imaging to promotions and morning drive, they researched, then fine-tuned it all before injecting a performance-enhancing digital campaign.

NuVoodoo’s Performance-Enhancing Digital Campaigns can help you find likely ratings participants and direct listening in your favor. But it’s what you put out of speakers that determines whether the Nielsen game is won or lost. The critical Fall ratings sweeps are only a few months away and programming teams are working to be ready. If questions linger about perceptions and positioning of your station, we have research solutions to get the answers. And we’d like to share with you what we know about potential panelists and diary keepers so you can make your station as good as it can be – before you call for an injection of marketing steroids.

The links below will take you to recordings of recent webinars that cover findings from NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study XI. We cover a lot of ground related to what motivates those most likely to say “yes” to participating in the radio ratings. The presentations are packed with actionable insights and tons of research data – but mercifully light on up-sells for NuVoodoo services. If you need us for research or marketing, you know where to find us.

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