Ratings Prospects Study XIII: Preview of Coming Attractions

NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study XIII is out of the field and we’re busy tabulating and analyzing the results. This fresh sample of over 3,000 persons, ages 14-54, across all PPM markets responded to what we think is our best questionnaire yet.

We’ve dived deep to gather new information to help stations program and promote effectively for 2019 and beyond. This new study covers a lot of ground, including:

  • The latest Smart Speaker data. Was this past holiday season was another good one for Alexa and Google Home?
  • Optimal contest activation mechanisms (text, call, register) by format and demo.
  • Non-contest-related programming and promotional tactics that have increased tune-in occasions.
  • Advertising channels that likely ratings respondents pay attention to and marketing messages that have prompted them to listen more.
  • How digital ads, phone calls or mail from a station impact the listening of likely ratings respondents.
  • Whether increasing data privacy concerns are enough to cause likely ratings respondents to seek alternatives to Facebook.
  • The information that radio stations ask for which undermines their ability to grow databases.
  • Whether or not stations improved their image among likely ratings respondents about rigging contests.
  • Should radio stations take a side or stay far away from the country’s current political discord?
  • If listeners view local news as “fake” and stations as “enemies of the people?”

In the latest study we’ve started digging in to find branding concepts that might bring listeners together more strongly than descriptions of station music recipes. We always end up imagining the war between Pepsi and Coca Cola being waged with slogans about “sweeter, with less cinnamon” or “more great vanilla taste.” Of course, the branding of those products is based entirely on emotion. We think radio needs to pay more attention to connecting emotionally with listeners. And we believe we’ve got persuasive information in our study

After regular NuVoodoo clients get first looks at Ratings Prospects Study XIII in just a few weeks, we’ll be announcing our webinar series for Spring 2019. We’ll also be presenting key takeaways at All Access’ Worldwide Radio Summit on March 28. Since WWRS is moving to Burbank, California this year, we’re working on doing the presentation game-show style (though Carolyn is refusing to dress up as Vanna White as of this writing).