If You Stop Doing Auditorium Tests …

Eight things that will happen if you replace your auditorium music test (AMT) with a NuVoodoo Online Music Test (OMT):

  1. You’ll get a full sample, every time. We never have low samples because of traffic jams or bad weather or anything else. We keep interviewing until your sample is perfect. Our JerkFinder™ software screens out respondents who aren’t paying attention or are trying cheat the interview.


And we go through every interview to make sure they make sense. A respondent who says she/he is P1 to your station, but hates an abnormal number of songs doesn’t get into your sample. We typically end up overrecruiting by about 20 percent so that your sample is perfect. We’re never standing at the door to the hotel praying that just a few more people show up.


  1. You’ll NEVER be asked for a database of listeners. We’ll never ask you to put an ad on your website asking people to register for your VIP club. Our respondents come from online research panel sample gathered nationally and worldwide for large-scale consumer research.


We work with nearly 100 different online panel sample sources. These are the sample sources used for consumer research for big business, like healthcare, pharma, consumer packaged goods, telecommunications, etc. We screen constantly to make sure we’re working with the best of the best – and we fire vendors who send us bad respondents. We ensure that we use sample providers who recruit portions of their respondent pools by starting from landline telephone – to make sure their voices are heard. And we think it’s critical for us to give careful scrutiny to each and every respondent.


  1. You’ll NEVER be asked to get the sales department to get a trade deal with a hotel for the session. There’s no hotel. There’s no snack break or refreshments for respondents. There’s no moderator travel. We think you should be paying for respondents, systems and expertise – not the hospitality business.


  1. You’ll get only the respondents who SHOULD be in your test. There’s no human involved in screening the respondents, so there’s no chance of an interviewer saying, “C’mon, you listen to WXXX, right?” If a respondent doesn’t listen to the right station(s), spend enough time listening to the radio, fit the exact specifications you’ve set out – they’re GONE! Even if they complete the interview, they’ve got to get through our JerkFinder™ software and our individual scrutiny before they end up in your sample.


  1. Your respondents will be evenly distributed around your metro – rather than from a 6-mile radius around the hotel where you hold the AMT. Your sample will represent your cumers around your market, not just in one part of town.


  1. The first 50 songs and the last 50 songs in your list will have no ill effects from “placement bias” in your results. Songs are randomized in our system. Every respondent hears the songs in a different order. From years of conducting AMT’s we know that respondents tend to rate the first 30-50 songs they hear more enthusiastically – until they’ve heard enough songs to realize that they can be pickier about the ones they give the highest scores. While fatigue at the other end of the test isn’t as much of a factor, our system defeats placement bias throughout.


  1. Respondents will experience the music in a setting more like the one they’re in when they listen to your station – alone, in an environment they control. There’s nothing natural about an AMT setting: a room of 50 or 100 people at long tables like an exam or SAT. An AMT moderator will always ask respondents not to sing along with the hooks or react audibly, but music is emotional and people react anyway. If you’re sitting among people who love a song you hate or hate a song you love, their opinions are likely to influence yours.


Our respondents participate when and where it’s comfortable for them. We see a spike in OMT completions on weekend mornings. If they need a break, they click a button and they get an email with a link to resume where they left off. You get better data, from respondents who are in a more natural, comfortable setting. No group dynamics. No concerns about going to an unfamiliar hotel setting at night.


You’ll probably pay less for an OMT than you’re currently paying for an AMT. We’re glad to give quotes and answer questions (the more challenging the better). Start the conversation with an email to our team at TellMeMore@NuVoodoo.com.