Building Radio’s Bench: Are We Getting the Best From Today’s Grads?

I’m hip deep in data from NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study 14, so I’m glad that our fearless leader, Carolyn Gilbert, has something to share this week:

Dr. John Owens of the University of Cincinnati and I collaborated on a project to research how current college students majoring in media and communications and radio professionals perceive the industry today. We called it “Building Radio’s Bench.”

We’ve long thought that colleges weren’t necessarily optimizing the wealth of knowledge available to share with their students from the business community. And that we, as radio folk, weren’t doing enough to inspire and tap into the incredible talent at local colleges and universities. What we have here might just be a failure to communicate!

We had some thoughts on what each constituency might think of the other, and their experience with radio, and offer some thoughts on working on the relationship. In partnership with the RAB, we interviewed radio folks and some institutions of higher learning gave us access to their students. Dr. Owens and I discussed the results with RAB President Erica Farber just last week on the RAB’s “Radio on Main Street” podcast. You can find the podcast here.

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