Commercial-Free Cash Powers the Workday

In our last webinar, NuVoodoo Marketing EVP Mike O’Connor, did a great service reminding those attending that – when given a choice of only workday times – respondents are most likely to participate in contests at the start of the workday. He reached back to NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study 9, from January 2017 for these data. You can find a recording of that and other past webinars, along with details of our next webinars, at

Overall, people would prefer to play radio station contests outside the workday. But, within the workday (to serve our goals of increasing workday audience), they’re most likely to participate early in the day – before they get involved with their tasks. We included 8-9 AM as a choice, knowing that a number of markets see more than half the at-work audience on the job in that hour. It pays to know when the workday starts in your market.

In our latest study (NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study 14), we asked respondents who listen to FM during the workday about their interest in different radio station advertising claims. We saw sharp interest in commercial-free music, cash and the combination of commercial-free music AND cash. We noted lower interest in a station being #1 in the ratings (which is a benefit to potential advertisers, but doesn’t hold as much weight among listeners).

We’ll go far deeper into contests and marketing in our next webinar: The NuVoodoo Fall 2019 Contesting and Marketing Guide. That one’s set to launch after the Labor Day holiday. This new webinar will give deep information for your contesting and marketing plans. Including time to answer the great questions that always come up from attendees, we’ll take no more than 45 minutes, but we’ll cover a lot of ground in that time:

  • What are the key advantages of FM among different format constituencies?
  • Are Smart Speakers THAT important?
  • Which Social Media platforms does your station need for organic reach and paid reach?
  • Who skips pre-roll video ads … and who doesn’t?
  • What are the best contest packaging opportunities?
  • Has radio has improved its image when it comes to “rigged contests?”

Details of future webinars and registration links can be found at