Why Contests Are So Important

We’re preparing now for our next webinar: The NuVoodoo Fall 2019 Contesting and Marketing Guide, set to launch after the Labor Day holiday on Wednesday, September 11. This new webinar will give deep information for your contesting and marketing plans. You’ll find registration links for any of three sessions of this new webinar at nuvoodoo.com/webinars.

Including time to answer the great questions that always come up from attendees, we’ll take no more than 45 minutes, but we’ll cover a lot of ground in that time:

  • What are the key advantages of FM among different format constituencies?
  • Are Smart Speakers THAT important?
  • Which Social Media platforms does your station need for organic reach and paid reach?
  • Who skips pre-roll video ads … and who doesn’t?
  • What are the best contest packaging opportunities?
  • Has radio has improved its image when it comes to “rigged contests?”

In our last webinar, NuVoodoo Marketing EVP Mike O’Connor, reached back to past NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Studies where we’ve seen again and again (and again) that most likely ratings respondents participate … because they’re getting paid to participate. They’re in it for the money.

As a result, though contests fall far behind delivering great music or entertaining personalities as primary reasons listeners choose one station over another overall, contests are of substantially greater interest to … likely ratings participants. We remember a manager saying about contests, “They work better than they oughta.” Among those who are likely to participate in the ratings, you can see the heightened interest in a station’s tout of giving away $1000 at the start of the workday.

Abetted by NuVoodoo VP Product & Business Development, PJ Kling, we’ll dive deep into all things related to contesting, divvied up by ratings likelies, demos and format constituencies in The NuVoodoo Fall 2019 Contesting and Marketing Guide. Register at nuvoodoo.com/webinars.