What Would You Ask Ratings Participants?

Just after the holidays, we’ll begin fielding our next NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study and we’d like your help. Over the years, we’ve made it a habit to check in with clients on an informal basis as we’re readying our questionnaires to get input on the issues they’re interested in learning about. But, we’re trying something different for this study.

For our 15th Ratings Prospects Study, we’re asking you to participate in a short survey about what you’d like to see included. The questionnaire includes a page gathering your interest in different areas. On the second and final page, there’s ample opportunity for you to weigh in open-ended about what you’d like us to cover.

The survey is available at: nuvoodoo.com/rps15. We’re fairly certain you’ll be done in less than five minutes. If there’s a specific question you’d like to see addressed, please let us know.  Anything related to on-air content, station promotion and marketing or ratings participation is fair game.

Over the past 14 studies, we’ve studied what digital channels get used most by likely Nielsen ratings participants, the radio station marketing messages that have actually caused them to change their listening and what motivates them to participate in the radio ratings to begin with. We’ll continue to dive deep on trends with Smart Speakers, the best contest prizes and the best contest-activation methods.

In all, we’ve collected interviews from nearly 50,000 respondents across all PPM markets to date. When we’re working the output from these twice-a-year studies, we spend much of our time with the data from the likely panelists and diary keepers we identify. The better we can understand those who are likely to play the ratings game with Nielsen, the better we’ll be at connecting with them through programming, promotion and marketing efforts.

For our 15th study, we want to incorporate as many of your questions as we can: nuvoodoo.com/rps15.