New NuVoodoo Study Reveals That 67% of Americans 14-54 Now Own a Smart Speaker

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Good News: Penetration Rate is Accelerating: Up From 60% in June 2020 and 56% in January 2020

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CINCINNATI, OH, January 27, 2021 – NuVoodoo Media Services, a data-driven media marketing, programming and content intelligence provider, announces that it is offering a free upcoming webinar, “How to Get Your Ratings From Here to Vaccinated”. Starting on Thursday, February 11th at 1:00pm EST, the webinar will share the latest findings of its Ratings Prospects Study XVII and important insights for marketing radio brands in 2021. With nearly 3,500 respondents, ages 14-54, across all PPM markets interviewed in January 2021, NuVoodoo’s Ratings Prospects Study XVII revealed that Smart Speaker penetration is up 67% among Persons 14-54. The findings are good news for audio brands poised to optimize the smart speaker platform in 2021. Register for the webinar at:

The NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study is conducted twice a year to learn more about those who are most likely to say “yes” to the opportunity to wear a meter or fill out a diary in order to provide NuVoodoo clients with competitive insights and advantages that they can exploit to capture higher ratings. This is the 17th Ratings Prospects Study that NuVoodoo has completed since 2011. The company shares the top-level findings of its studies with its radio broadcasting clients to develop winning next-generation marketing and programming strategies for stations of all formats in PPM markets.

Leigh Jacobs, Executive Vice President, Research Insights, NuVoodoo Media Services, said: “According to our January study, smart speakers are in the homes of 67% of 14 to 54 year-olds and the penetration rate is accelerating. Up from 60% last June and 56% in Jan 2020.”

Looking at the data, Mike O’Connor, Executive Vice President, Marketing, NuVoodoo Media Services, remarked: “Smart speaker penetration is even deeper among those likely to accept a Nielsen meter. In fact, more that three-fourths of those who would accept a meter are using a smart speaker for audio entertainment, compared to just over half of those who’d say no to being a panelist.”

O’Connor continued: “This segment listens to a lot more radio, too. A small fraction, about one in seven, in the PPM No Group report are listening to radio for a half hour or more each week on their smart speaker. Compare that segment to the PPM yes group, where the percentage who listen for a half hour or more each is over three times as large.”

Carolyn Gilbert, President and Chief Executive Officer, NuVoodoo Media Services, noted: “The great news here is that smart speakers are in many more homes and that continues to accelerate and provide listeners with greater access to audio information and entertainment. That presents a tremendous opportunity for radio in 2021 and beyond, as stations get smarter about optimizing their brands’ smart speaker positioning. We invite all radio professionals to learn more about the opportunities and insights uncovered by our latest Ratings Prospects Study at our Winter 2021 Webinar Series beginning Thursday, February 11th at 1:00pm Eastern.”

NuVoodoo will dive deeper into Smart Speaker penetration in “How to Get Your Ratings From Here to Vaccinated”, the first installment of its Winter 2021 Webinar Series starting on Thursday, February 11that 1:00pm EST (with three more opportunities to participate through Monday, February 22nd).  In addition to smart speakers, this first webinar episode will give you 2021’s first snapshot of likely PPM panelists and diary-keepers. The 40-minute NuVoodoo webinar will cover the things your need to know to help put your radio station on top of the Nielsen ratings, including:

  • Work-from-home and workplace listening trends
  • Podcasts, smart speakers and streaming
  • National and local contests
  • Marketing messages that drive tune-in or boost TSL
  • Social and digital channels that move the needle

As usual, NuVoodoo will highlight the difference between those who’d say “yes” to Nielsen and those who would never participate in radio ratings.

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