Coronavirus & Radio

While the second installment of our spring webinar series, 2020: New Technology & A New Way to Play the Ratings Game, launches on Monday, March 16 (register at, the more urgent thing on minds around the world is the COVID-19 Coronavirus. In a now on-going nationwide study, NuVoodoo is tracking concern about the spread of the virus and media usage surrounding the concern.

In data captured on March 9 and 10, with nearly 3,000 interviews collected, about half of the nationwide 16-54-year-olds in our sample are taking at least a few precautions in light of the virus. With the World Health Organization having declared the virus pandemic, these numbers will no doubt increase in the days to come.

As you might expect, self-reported usage is up across all the media types we explored, including 20% saying they’re listening more to the radio than before the outbreak.

While the online space stands to be the big winner as people search for local information, Radio stands to benefit as well – as long as you have a plan and have information to share. Since licensees operate “in the public interest, convenience and necessity,” it is critical to have a plan.

PJ Kling and I will update these with the latest numbers in this on-going study during the webinars this week. And we’ll stay focused on our regular mission of sharing insights on:

  • What happens to broadcast radio usage when listeners have a connected car?
  • Smart Speakers: Still growing? Any listening for terrestrial streaming?
  • Podcasts: Who are the biggest fans? Is there really a there there?
  • A way to play the ratings game when a traditional contest won’t work.

We’ll give you the details in a half hour or less – then we’ll stay on to answer your questions for as long as it takes. Sign up for any of three sessions at

NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study Fifteen incorporated the opinions of nearly four thousand 14 to 64 year-olds. A recording of the first webinar in our spring duo, 20 Things to Put Your Station On Top of the 2020 Ratings, lives on our website, along with recordings of another dozen of our webinars. Register for the new webinar at