Music Testing & Coronavirus

Thanks to all those who attended the latest NuVoodoo webinar last Wednesday, “Marketing in the New Abnormal.” If you weren’t able to attend, a recording of the webinar lives at During the webinar we presented a trove of data concerning how people are feeling about their lives in this uncertain time and how to make the best of scarce resources when it comes to programming, promoting and marketing radio stations.

Many of us are now in the posture of trying to determine if we’re comfortable going to the dentist or doctor for the checkup we missed back in the spring – and the data we’ve collected show that nearly 3/4 are willing to take that step with authorities giving the official “okay” and with masks and social distancing enforced.

Intuitively we know that fewer people will be comfortable with big gatherings like concerts and sporting events. And we also see that just over half would be comfortable going to an indoor gathering of over 25 people, a business or community meeting, a small political event – or even a traditional in-person auditorium music test.

Knowing that AMT’s are going to be hard to complete this year and that budgets are stretched tight, we’ve announced the addition of OMTlite to the suite of NuVoodoo research products. We pioneered online music testing for stations a decade ago and every year we complete hundreds of Online Music Research reports (our callout replacement) and Online Music Tests (our AMT replacement).

The only thing “Lite” about NuVoodoo OMTlite is the cost: $9,500. One hundred respondents – screened and compensated just like our full-sized OMT’s, with up to 400 song hooks (price includes hook production). Results are delivered in Analyst™ software and it’s all subject to our rigorous quality control and verification standards. More information is at or email us at

Need to test more titles? No problem. We’re still offering our traditional 600-hook OMT as well.

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