Selling Radio in the New Abnormal

Business people working together and wearing face masks

Less than two months ago, people in the Northeast U.S. were likely to be the most cautious about venturing outside their homes amidst the coronavirus. But, a week’s worth of 12,247 interviews, July 20-26, shows those in the Northeast only slightly less relaxed than those in the Midwest (part of the on-going testing that NuVoodoo undertook back in early March).

Whether it’s due to external pressures to reopen businesses, the need to make decisions concerning the upcoming school year or any of a number of other factors, nothing is easily planned in 2020 – particularly for anyone operating or marketing a business. Opinions collide and contradictions are plentiful, as shown in these interviews with over 1,100 parents over the past week, where over 3/4 say it is not safe to reopen schools this Fall and over 1/2 say that schools should open because parents need to return to work.

Some respondents hold both opinions – despite the cognitive dissonance. Listeners and businesses are going into the most unusual back-to-school season ever. As tough as it is for radio programmers, it’s even tougher on the sales side. Confronting the uncertainty of the days, weeks and months to come will be critical to radio’s survival. The pressure to deliver revenue is intense.

Welcome to selling in the new abnormal. Pulling from the extensive data we at NuVoodoo have amassed since March, we’re presenting a webinar in conjunction with the RAB diving into consumer attitudes about coronavirus and the adaptations being made to deal with life during the pandemic. We’re tracking how people are feeling about shopping, dining, attending events, travel and more.

Marketing in the New Abnormal for radio sales professionals is Wednesday, August 12 at 1 PM Eastern. In about 30 minutes, Carolyn Gilbert and I will give you deeper insights to write business as we head into the fall and beyond. Register now at

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