Rolling Samples in Current Music Research – Are You Paying Full Price for Half a Sample?

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Budgeting your 2024 current music testing? Learn the difference between NuVoodoo discrete sample research and comparably priced rolling sample research. NuVoodoo founder and president Carolyn Gilbert and EVP Research Analysis Leigh Jacobs have been conducting callout and online current music research for decades. They have never, not once, recommended a current music research report with rolling samples.

You may be paying full price for half a sample…and worse yet, recycling last month’s feedback into this month’s current music research report. In this Moneyball for Radio edition of NuVoodoo Live, Carolyn and Leigh explain the difference between the two approaches.   Watch!

Moneyball for Radio: Discrete Samples vs. Rolling Samples in Current Music Testing

Before you pay more for less in 2024, let the experts at NuVoodoo help. Get full, discrete-week samples for the same monthly cost as rolling-sample music research. Email

Pricing Comparison: 2 Comparably Priced Current Music Research Reports