Ratings Prospects Study 19: Your Guide To Survive And Thrive In 2022’s Shifting Audio Landscape

We were excited to share the 19th NuVoodoo Ratings Prospect Study with the industry on February 16th. As in prior studies, we compared the typical radio listener to that rare person willing to participate in the Nielsen ratings. We covered a lot off ground, including:

• How often listeners use streaming apps, from Spotify, Apple, and Amazon to Soundcloud, Tune-in, and iHeart. We’ll see how well local AM/FM radio streaming apps fare by comparison.

• Deep dives into Smart Speakers, Car Audio Systems and Podcast listening trends by demo and format partisanship.

• Daily and chronic use of social media apps. Given recent news, we also asked listeners to share any psychological toll that using social media is taking on them – and what compels them to use certain apps so much.

• We compared and trended the lure of typical radio station cash offers and contest packaging tactics.

• We looked at radio station marketing strategies, including social media, connected TV, direct mail, outdoor, and telemarketing.

• We took a look at work-from-home and listen-at-work (out of home) trends and compare the impact on radio station TSL.

• For years, we’ve looked at tune-in catalysts. Now, for the first time, we’ve tested an extensive list of potential tune-out catalysts.