Who’s the Enemy in the War for Workplace Listening?

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As you’re reading this, the first installment of our NuVoodoo webinar series, How to Win the Workplace War with PPM Panelists & Diary Keepers, is being presented on several dates/times this week. This initial webinar has an aggressive agenda. In just 30 minutes we’re covering:

  • How workplace listening differs for likely ratings participants.
  • Radio’s true competition at work.
  • Contest tactics and prizes that move the needle.
  • Where do listeners notice radio station advertising?
  • The best ways to package a cash giveaway.
  • What one mistake do radio stations make when capturing personal data?
  • Preferred appointment times & contest entry methods.

A few slots are still available if you’re not registered already, go to www.nuvoodoo.com/webinars to see if there’s a time that works for you.

Across the sample of over 3,000 respondents across all PPM markets in our latest Ratings Prospects Study, we see terrestrial already grabbing just 46% of the workday listening preference. That number jumps to 50% among likely PPM respondents and 54% among likely Diary respondents – and slightly favors non-terrestrial sources among those unlikely to show up in ratings samples.

Last week we suggested that terrestrial operators need to be prepared to sharpen their offerings and marketing tactics if they’re going to maximize shares against other terrestrial operators while bringing some Pandorans and Spotifiers back to radio. And, it will be important to keep in mind the primary motivator of listeners most likely to play the ratings game with Nielsen: getting paid.

In this first webinar, we’ll also show the most efficient and effective prize offerings, along with the best entry methods and best times to play contests.

We’re preparing the second installment of our series now for the week of April 23. In The Complete Guide to Digital Marketing for Radio Ratings Success, we’ll cover:

  • The digital channels that likely ratings respondents use most and most often.
  • Social media use by demo & by format.
  • The instant messenger app that has exploded among all demos in 2018.
  • What game-changing opportunities do smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home bring to the radio industry?
  • How to market to your competitors’ Instagram and Twitter followers.

Registration for The Complete Guide to Digital Marketing for Radio Ratings Success opens on April 11.