Who Manages Content on Your Social Media Feeds?

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In NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study Twelve we continued to mine for low-cost, high-impact tactics that stations can employ to build tune-in and enhance daily usage. Two weeks ago we showed the potential impact of an old-school radio trick: the shoutout – just mentioning names of listeners on the air. Our data also shows that some listeners have found themselves tuning into a station because they saw an amusing or interesting post from the station on Facebook.

Among the ratings-likely populations in our sample, upwards of 25% reported that they’d had a tune-in prompted by a funny or interesting post on Facebook. Only the 14-24’s lag behind – and that’s because of their lack of affection right now for Facebook. It would be reasonable to predict that these younger consumers could be impacted by posting on Instagram.

And there’s a dark side to Social Media postings. Over a third of the ratings likelies in our sample have unfollowed a station because they objected to a posting – and it’s worse among younger demos. Your station’s Social Media postings are an extension of your brand. Just as the content on your airwaves needs to be carefully planned and executed with consistency, the content you publish in Social Media requires similar attention – there’s simply too much at stake.

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