Changes in Social Media?

A major reason we complete two NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Studies every year is to keep tabs on changes in Social Media. In Ratings Prospects Study Fifteen fielded last month we noted some shifts in young end usage of the major platforms that we’re reporting in the first installment of our spring webinar series: 20 Things to Put Your Station on Top of the 2020 Ratings. The webinar concludes this Thursday, February 20; register at

Compared to this past summer, we’re seeing a mild dip in daily usage numbers for the two younger-targeted Social Media players, Instagram and Snapchat. We wondered whether the decline at Instagram might be seasonal – perhaps it’s more fun to share photos during good weather season – until we noticed a corresponding dip at Snapchat. That sent us looking further down our Social Media ranking.

Showing up for the first time at a minimum 5% threshold are TikTok and Twitch – with Twitch getting slightly elevated usage among the small subsets of our sample who model through as candidates to participate in either meter or diary methodologies.

Getting into the specifics by narrow demos among the two genders shows the culprit – and we’re sharing that in the webinar. We’re also looking at usage – daily and compulsive – across a wide array of music format P1’s. Additionally, we’ll rank the social major platforms as ad tools against other advertising media you might use to promote your station.

We promise to get through all that in less than 30 minutes, plus:

  • Workplace listening (How much of an impediment is headphone listening?)
  • National and local contests
  • Marketing messages that drive tune-in or boost TSL
  • Programming benchmarks that move the needle

And, of course, we’ll stay on as long as needed to answer all of your questions. This new webinar continues Monday, February 17 and concludes Thursday, February 20. Register for either session at