New Ways to Play The Ratings Game

The second installment of our spring webinar series, 2020: New Technology & A New Way to Play the Ratings Game, launches on Monday, March 16. PJ Kling and I will get deep into the data for insights on:

  • What happens to broadcast radio usage when listeners have a connected car?
  • Smart Speakers: Still growing? Any listening for terrestrial streaming?
  • Podcasts: Who are the biggest fans? Is there really a there there?
  • A way to play the ratings game when a traditional contest won’t work.

We’ll give you the details in a half hour or less – then we’ll stay on to answer your questions for as long as it takes. Sign up for any of three sessions at

The Smart Speaker numbers we’ll be showing are particularly important at a time when studies are showing that fewer people have a radio in their home (and we’ll submit that some of them are battery-powered radios to be used in a power outage – that don’t see regular listening). Our samples of people across all PPM markets show Smart Speaker penetration growing at a strong pace (and concentrated among those most likely to participate in the ratings).

We also see that many of those devices are getting regular usage listening to broadcast radio streams. It’s additional listening, often in a different location (home) and at new times of the day (when people are at home – rather than in the car or at work). Stations need to maximize this opportunity by making it easy for listeners to “tune” their Smart Speakers to their station and use Total Line Reporting to make the results accretive to their broadcast sales revenue.

NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study Fifteen incorporated the opinions of nearly four thousand 14 to 64 year-olds. A recording of the first webinar in our spring duo, 20 Things to Put Your Station On Top of the 2020 Ratings, lives on our website, along with recordings of another dozen of our webinars. Register for the new webinar at