What Would You Ask Ratings Participants?

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Some folks are trimming trees. Some folks are programming non-stop holiday music. At NuVoodoo, December means we’re working on the questionnaire for the next Ratings Prospects Study. Just after the first of the year, we’ll begin collecting thousands of interviews for NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study Seventeen and we want your input! In this year of no in-person conferences to keep casual conversations going, we’re asking for input from as wide a group as possible.

I’m keeping it simple in this ultra-difficult year, just send an email with your concerns to me at leigh@nuvoodoo.com. Anything related to on-air content, station promotion and marketing or competition from DSP’s is fair game. If there’s a specific question you’d like to see addressed, please let me know.

Over sixteen studies, we’ve studied what digital channels get used most by likely Nielsen ratings participants, the radio station marketing messages that have actually caused listeners to change their habits, what motivates them to participate in the radio ratings in the first place. For the seventeenth study, we’ll continue to dive deep on trends with Smart Speakers, the best contest prizes and the best contest-activation methods.

We’re already working on question groups to look at:

  • Emerging digital advertising options.
  • Audio entertainment usage for the new work-from-home population.
  • OTT (over the top) TV usage and advertising recognition.
  • Radio traffic reports and GPS navigation systems.
  • Causes that they align with (that you can use to build stronger bonds).
  • Tune-in catalysts.
  • Low-cost programming tactics that get attention.
  • How to Increase radio’s listening share against DSP’s.

Since 2011 we’ve collected interviews from over 50,000 respondents across all PPM markets in our studies. Working with the output from these twice-a-year studies, we spend much of our time with the data from the likely panelists and diary keepers we identify. The better we can understand those who are likely to play the ratings game with Nielsen, the better we’ll be at connecting with them through programming, promotion and marketing efforts.

Much of our work in 2020 focused on surviving “the new abnormal.” With 2021 promising to be a year of profound changes, what answers are you looking for? Send your thoughts to me at leigh@nuvoodoo.com.