Did Music Tastes Shift During Coronavirus?

We’re getting ready to present data from NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study XVI, fielded in late June, along with insights gained from our ongoing studies concerning the coronavirus. With so many people adopting different routines since March, it’s natural to believe that their music tastes might have changed. So, we asked the 3,700+ respondents, ages 14-54, across all PPM markets how their music tastes have shifted thus far through the coronavirus pandemic (or if they’ve stayed the same).

Broken out by P1’s for eleven different music formats, the data shows tastes have shifted a bit newer for some P1’s from most current-driven or current-inclusive formats. Meanwhile, music tastes among some P1’s for Classic Hits and Classic Rock stations have shifted slightly older.

Remember that for every music format we looked at, huge majorities say their music taste has stayed the same. With budgets trimmed back at many companies just trying to weather the pandemic, there’s less music testing going on – and it’s easy for playlists to draft away from the preferences of listeners. While playlists require constant care and attention, in no case would we advocate loading up on untested/unproven new currents or pursuing the mirage of (lower-consensus) depth tracks.

We’ll show how the results shift among those likely to participate in the ratings in the upcoming webinar we’re bringing you along with our friends All Access. On Wednesday, July 8th, we’re presenting Marketing in the New “Abnormal.” Here are some highlights:

  • How are survey-friendly listeners feeling now? Are they “virus-ed out” and seeking an escape to regular programming, free of COVID-related updates – or are they leaning in, hoping for reassuring news?
  • How big a footprint has TikTok carved out? Has it replaced Instagram for compulsive usage among younger listeners? Has Instagram crept up on co-owned Facebook? What social and digital media strategies give you the best chance for reaching and influencing ratings-likely participants?
  • Which marketing channels provide the most bang for least buck? Is it calls to the office (is anyone IN the office?); digital media on mobile phones; mail delivered to the home or billboards?
  • What’s the smallest cash prize your station can offer and still entice likely ratings participants? Are there prizes that sales can trade out that move the needle as well (or nearly as well) as cash? What about insured prizes? Can group contests be effective? Do any of these lower-cost strategies actually work?

We respect your time, so we’re aiming to get through the data in about thirty minutes – but we’ll stay on to answer questions as long as needed. The session is Wednesday July 8 at 1 PM EDT. Reserve your slot now at: nuvoodoo.com/webinar-signup.

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