In The kNOW: Retail Holidays Offer ‘Prime’ Opportunity

Gray cute fluffy kitty cat sitting in an Amazon Prime parcel delivery cardboard box

Prime Day has come and gone; early this year. And this year, in particular, we noticed other retailers jumping in and riding the Prime Day coattails. There were articles galore discussing the competing Prime Day deals from Walmart, Target and more. And we were curious to know how these other retailers might fare on a…

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In the kNOW: Shopping of the Future is NOW!

Online shopping

The pandemic brought about many changes, the least of which was the necessity to find a new way to buy the things we need. And many turned to a place we’d never gone before, online. How was the online shopping experience for items we usually bought on our weekly trips to the grocery or Big…

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In the kNOW – Summer Plans: Will We Stay or Will We Go?

Friends partying on the beach

With lockdowns hopefully a thing of the past, we found ourselves curious about what summer plans look like for everyone. Are folks planning to travel or stick close to home? We surveyed over 1,300 Americans and what we found says we’re hopeful, but wary. And maybe not as weary of our ‘new normal’ as you…

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