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Russ Gilbert

Our Annual PD Salute

By Russ Gilbert / December 2, 2019

Every year the Thanksgiving holiday brings us together with (non-radio) family and friends and reminds us just how odd our business can sound to folks. We’ve written about describing diaries to non-radio people – folks trying to remember their listening for a week and writing it all down in a pamphlet. Of course, this leads…

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Bringing Back At-Work Digital Listeners

By Russ Gilbert / July 29, 2019

We’re in the midst of three opportunities to sit in on the first installment of the NuVoodoo fall webinar series. This first entry is “How To Win The Workplace War In 2019,” based on our latest Ratings Prospects Study of over 3,000 respondents across all PPM markets. Last week we showed that 60% of the…

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NuVoodoo’s Ratings IQ Game Show: People Really Win!

By Russ Gilbert / June 10, 2019

Congratulations to Jake Swesey of Cumulus and Bob Neumann of iHeart for winning $20 and $100 gift respectively. They’re the winners in the first of two chances to play Million Dollar Media’s Instant Win Game attached to interactive webinars showing data from NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study 13 from earlier this year. Attendees of our final…

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YouTube’s Ratings Impact – Can It Deliver Like An Old School TV Buy?

By Russ Gilbert / May 22, 2019

In our ongoing NuVoodoo studies of the best ways to reach those likely to participate in the ratings, YouTube has enjoyed spectacular growth over the past few years. Not only do its weekly, daily and chronic (multiple daily occasions) usage levels rival those of Facebook and Instagram among the PPM and diary-inclined, but YouTube has…

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Will Bots Kill Your Station’s Digital Ad Campaign?

By Russ Gilbert / May 13, 2019

This week’s post comes from the keyboard of NuVoodoo EVP/Marketing, Mike O’Connor. Are you using digital media to promote your station contest this spring? Google and YouTube have stepped up their enforcement of ad-policy violations with automated bots – and radio has inadvertently fallen into the cross-hairs. The crackdown started in March and has affected…

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