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Case Study: Creating David Samson’s Digital Presence with Automated Solutions

By Russ Gilbert / September 27, 2023

Introduction Client: David Samson Service Provider: NuVoodoo Media Productions Project Duration: 3 Months Services Provided: Website Development, Automated Workflow, Merchandise Program, SEO Optimization, Interactive Tools, Email Marketing, Enterprise Hosting Challenge David Samson, a baseball exec and team owner turned podcaster, approached NuVoodoo Media with the challenge of enhancing his digital presence. He required a website…

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Ron Desantis looking confused and sad

If Ron DeSantis had used AM Radio instead of Twitter, he’d have had a much better week.

By Russ Gilbert / May 25, 2023

You’d think someone vying for the highest position in the land would bother to do a simple A/B comparison when evaluating a platform for making an announcement at scale. Let’s try and matrix this out objectively: Feature AM Radio Twitter Scale Message delivered clearly to all listeners regardless of audience size. Seemed to fail after…

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E-Mail Metrics Are Broken. Here’s How To Make The Best Of It.

By Russ Gilbert / February 27, 2023

In the radio industry, we are ((cough)) perhaps more accustomed than most to making business decisions based on numbers where the methodology for collecting and reporting them are, shall we say, not transparent. That’s more and more common in the digital space as well where email opens are getting less and less reliable across the…

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ChatGPT Killed the Radio Star. (And the Video Star. And the Movie Star. And Probably Everyone… but there’s no need to panic.)

By Russ Gilbert / January 23, 2023

Disruptive technology rolling out at high speed has been the norm for the last 40 years. Yes, it’s scary for good reason, and yes, it’s going to cost a lot of people their jobs, but the “Bone crushing change” doesn’t mean there’s nothing on the other side. Napster and digital music were going to kill…

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The Twelve Plays of Christmas – Brand Playlists & Holiday Music

By Russ Gilbert / November 21, 2022

T’is the Season for radio stations to decide if and when to jettison their regular formats in favor of Christmas music, brands to gear up for Black Friday and the holiday season, and enough email blasts, sms messages, and push notifications telling us about incredible holiday savings to crash Twitter, (not that it’s hard to…

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Young woman paying credit card for purchases in grocery store

When Black Friday Comes How To Stake Your Claim: 5 Tips to Maximize E-Commerce Sales This Holiday Season

By Russ Gilbert / October 27, 2022

As fun as it is risking life and limb to re-enact the Hunger Games each year at America’s retail outlets on Black Friday, for some reason an increasing number of Americans prefer shopping online from the safety and comfort of their homes (for thoughts on that, see our In the kNOW article this month). Here…

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Case Study: Winning the Ticket On-Sale with Huck Finn

By Russ Gilbert / July 26, 2022

Huck Finn is one of the oldest music festivals in Southern California, harkening all the way back to those bygone days of 1976. NuVoodoo first started working with the Huck Finn crew during the pandemic, when we streamed a ticketed all-virtual event in lieu of the usual in-person show. Naturally when it came time to…

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NuVoodoo gives websites for NASA Astronauts a successful launch!

By Russ Gilbert / June 21, 2022

Despite having launched hundreds of websites over the years, it’s still possible for us to get geeked about certain projects, especially if we’re talking about outer space. The Hipsetter Group is an agency in South Florida that represents NASA Astronauts as they move into fields beyond the final frontier. They came to us with a…

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I Stream, You Stream, We All Stream with Live Streams

By Russ Gilbert / March 28, 2022

Wise or not, America is reopening, ending mask mandates, and essentially returning to what was once loosely defined as “normal.” Even with pandemic restrictions loosening, (at least for the moment), it’s hard to deny that the media landscape has shifted dramatically in the time since we all learned words like “social distancing” and  “hydroxychloroquine,” while…

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The Omicron Factor: Stats on Willingness to Attend In-Person Events vs. Online and Hybrid

By Russ Gilbert / January 24, 2022

Events in Q1 2022 are more of a mixed bag than a trick-or-treater gets in a neighborhood featuring vegans, new age health nuts and that one awesome house that hands out the full-sized Snickers bars. No one is really tracking event statistics at the macro level, but anecdotally we had most of the Hollywood awards…

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