Back On the Town Anytime Soon?


If you’re like us, your entertainment and dining out budget has gone way down and stayed down throughout the pandemic. We miss grabbing a drink with friends, taking the kids out for a treat, or just letting someone ELSE cook dinner for a change. In some ways, people are ready to get back to normal;…

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Fiesta Hermosa 2021 Hybrid Event Labor Day Weekend 2021

For 50 years, “Fiesta” has been filling Hermosa Beach, California’s streets with art, music, and fun. Fiesta de las Artes, as it was originally named, celebrated artisan culture, and welcomed visitors from all over to the beach to shop and enjoy local art. For more than a decade, Fiesta has been known as Southern California’s…

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Deeper Delta Data: Station Events

Blurred crowd of people in modern interior during event

We updated our information on vaccinations and event attendance with a NuVoodoo Quick Turn Study of 1,854 adults 18-64 nationwide, balanced by age, gender and geography, fielded September 9-10, 2021. In this snapshot, 47% of the sample is fully vaccinated and a 57% majority is at least partially vaccinated – and 38% are vaccination resistant…

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Delta Fall Events Update

Crowd of people at festival

We wanted to update our information on vaccinations and event attendance in light of the recent full FDA approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine and as cases continue to surge with the Delta variant (and as arguments about masking and vaccinations continue). The research we’re showing here is brand new: 1,854 adults 18-64 nationwide, balanced…

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Need to Plan a Last-Minute Contest?

Celebrating Young Man With Mobile Phone Winning Prize And Showered With Gold Confetti In Studio

Hopefully your contest and promotions plans are locked and loaded for the ratings period that starts on September 16. But with budgets stretched tight after last year and many businesses reassessing fall plans in light of the Delta variant, maybe you’ve just gotten approval to move forward. So, we thought it was a good time…

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Are You Ready for Fall Events? Are Consumers Ready?

The silhouettes of concert crowd in front of bright stage lights

NuVoodoo started collecting public concern about the coronavirus pandemic in early March 2020 – and we’re committed to monitoring reactions to issues throughout this wild on-going ride. With vaccinations pacing well in May and June, employers made plans to re-populate offices, families made plans for vacations and gatherings and concert venues, movie theaters and sports…

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In the kNOW: Tune-In with Real-Time Dashboard Tracking

Tracks the graphs. Team of stockbrokers works in modern office with many display screens

We had August’s ‘In the kNOW’ all planned out. And then, we didn’t. This month we take the NOW in kNOW up a notch -or three. With all that’s happening in the news, we wondered what people wanted to know about, what kept them tuning in and what might influence them to change the channel.…

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Would You Attend an In-Person AMT?

seminar executive room in hotel

With vaccinations surging at the start of the summer many of us started making plans for resuming pre-pandemic activities, but the Delta variant has thrown a massive variable in those plans. We’re back to waiting for guidance from the CDC, state and local authorities. The chief economist at Goldman Sachs admits the impact of the…

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The Social Media Channels Americans Use Most

Peopl with social media concept

Want to know which social and digital media channels different generations of Americans are using most? Watch this short presentation of our semi-annual study of over 3,000 14-54 year-olds. Before you set up your next digital ad campaign, you need to see this data. Or, reach out at to have us manage your campaign…

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