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Who Should be in Your Music Test Sample?

Music testing isn’t about getting high test scores. It’s about using the available science to artfully construct a playlist and manage music scheduling to use one programming stream to keep the widest-possible portion of listeners satisfied.

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New Tactics to Engage At-Work Listening

With increased competition from online music sources, the battle for at-work listening among radio stations is more savage than ever. The most recent NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study showed that at-work listening is heightened among likely PPM participants – where nearly 60% listen to radio at work, compared to about 40% among those who predict they…

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Building Better Branding for Radio

When it comes to branding, many radio stations continue to rely on describing their music mixes or their market rank. That made sense when consumers’ primary listening choices were the stations on their FM radio. The most important thing then wasn’t getting the consumer to listen to the radio; the most important thing was ensuring…

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